About ImageProActive Security Solutions is led by a dedicated group of glazing industry experts committed to saving property and lives with over 200 years of experience solving glass related problems all over the world. ProActive Security Solutions offers its patented products under the DefenseLite and BulletShield brands for installation at schools, retailers, municipal buildings and other at-risk property in the US.

ProActive Security Solutions brings together dedicated experts in the security field who know about security and what it takes to overcome the vulnerabilities inherent to glazed openings, so we have the knowledge and experience to protect you and your loved ones.

Our products include the patented DefenseLite®, BulletShield, and RiotLite™ brands. We also offer professional security consultations and both private and commercial installation.

About RiotLite:

RiotLite, is an innovative laminate solution from DefenseLite that applies directly onto existing glass surfaces. Featuring a durable, thick film 'stack' for application to interior glass, RiotLite provides reliable shatter-resistance for property owners in the face of severe security threats — including riots and smash & grab crime. RiotLite is an economical protective measure against physical threats from violent criminals and mobs and installed nationwide by certified dealers.

At ProActive Security Solutions, your safety and security is our priority.

About Defenselite:

DefenseLite is a patented forced-entry security glazing system manufactured by Impact Security and has secured thousands of glazed openings across the US. This retrofit security shield is designed to mount onto the existing glazing, creating unmatched protection against smash-and-grab crime. DefenseLite transforms windows and doors into impenetrable openings that are 250 times stronger than glass alone.

About Bulletshield:

As the bullet-resistant derivative of DefenseLite, BulletShield is independently tested to meet UL 752 ballistic ratings, preventing breach of glazing systems against assault from handguns and assault rifles. BulletShield can be installed over your existing glass from the interior or exterior depending on existing glazing and site conditions. With certified dealers and installation teams in every major city, architects, general contractors, building owners and specifiers can be confident of the ease of access anywhere in the United States.

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