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What is RiotLite safety & security laminate?
RiotLite is an innovative 'stackable security film" solution from DefenseLite, built specifically to protect buildings and storefronts from riots and smash & grab crime. Built with a thick, clear film "stack" combined with a strong mechanical adhesive system, RiotLite adds a layer of shatter-resistant protection designed for the loss prevention professional.
What is the RiotLite glass protection solution made of?
RiotLite is constructed with optically clear, 4-40 mil thick layers of PET security films for application to interior glass surfaces. Strong UV inhibitors and aggressive mechanical adhesives make RiotLite a durable material and clear choice for window riot protection.
How can RiotLite protect my business from riots and forced entry?
RiotLite is built specifically to repel rioters, looters and criminals looking to break into your building or storefront through windows and doors. The laminate's thick membrane absorbs the impact from intruders from fists and rocks to crowbars and baseball bats thus keeping window systems intact and protecting your business from violence.


How is BulletShield installed?
BulletShield is installed over existing window and door glass by certified installers. Mounted either on the exterior or interior of current glass, BulletShield bullet resistant glass security panels anchor to existing windows to create a buffer zone between the primary glass and the BulletShield clear polycarbonate shield. Weather sealed and engineered for removal when needed, BulletShield is custom-made for every window opening and designed to blend in to the existing framing. BulletShield is nearly invisible upon a completed installation.
How does BulletShield compare to other solutions?
BulletShield is unique. Designed to protect existing window and door glass from ballistic attack, BulletShield is the perfect, customizable solution when fully rated ballistic glazing systems are either too expensive or not possible due to the existing conditions of the space you are aiming to fortify. BulletShield is not glass and will not fracture or 'white-out' during attack.
What are the benefits of BulletShield other than security?
BulletShield can reduce street noise by up to 40 percent and improve energy efficiency of existing glass by more than 50 percent. BulletShield will defeat most attacks, while protecting the primary glass from breaking. BulletShield by DefenseLite incorporates a proprietary sacrificial film coating on its surface that defeats graffiti tagging, while protecting the shield from damage.


What makes DefenseLite a superior 'overglaze' security solution for windows and door glass?
Better quality components and superior mechanical and thermal engineering separates DefenseLite from less expensive competitor systems. DefenseLite is a patented 'flexible' and 'vented' overglaze system that provides for unmatched resilience under robust attack. Our patent pending venting system protects customers from longer-term condensation and moisture related issues inherent in hermetically sealed, non-vented, field installed overglaze systems.
Why a 'vented' overglaze system is critical for the long-term system integrity?
In field conditions, it is not advisable to hermetically seal the air space between over-glazing and the prime window. Why? It won't work.The only time 'sealed airspaces' work is in factory sealed, dehydrated insulating glass units. These 'sealed IG units' are built in controlled, factory conditions. To address this properly, DefenseLite overglaze systems utilize our patent pending 'engineered ventilation' behind the field installed overglaze. This passive design is 'tuned' for the local climate conditions and usage. The DefenseLite 'engineered venting' system basically dries out the air behind the overglaze on an ongoing, dynamic basis leading to a low likelihood of longer-term condensation or moisture issues. Less expensive, non-vented overglaze systems will experience moisture and condensation issues once the desiccant entombed in the framing system becomes saturated leading to an expensive fix for the building owner down the road.
Why a 'flexible' system is important for maximum protection from forced entry?
Each component in a DefenseLite system is designed to 'flex' under significant force from robust attack. As the DefenseLite system 'flexes' while absorbing impact, energy is dissipated evenly throughout the overglaze providing for increased performance over competitor's less expensive, rigid and fixed designs. DefenseLite overglazing is like a Zen Master. It doesn't attempt to ward off intruders like a brick wall. Instead, it flexes and absorbs the impact, dissipating the forces harmlessly out to the edges of the panel. Without breaking, tearing or detachment. Bad guys get frustrated with our flexible resistance and soon move on to a more vulnerable victim.
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