BulletshieldAs the bullet-resistant derivative of DefenseLite®, BulletShield has been independently tested to meet UL 752 ballistic ratings to ensure breach prevention of glazing systems from handguns or assault rifles. BulletShield can be installed over the existing glass from the interior or exterior, depending on existing glazing and site conditions.

The UL 752 standard bullet resistant polycarbonate panels are like "Body Armor for Windows," offering unparalleled ballistic resistance through the most targeted areas of a building – the glass. BulletShield's proprietary construction is the ideal defense against intrusion.

BulletShield bullet resistant glass security panels are a patented and professionally installed glazing system that can be customized and retrofitted to existing windows, doors, storefronts and curtainwalls for less than full bullet-resistant reglaze, making it affordable and effective.


BulletShield is an overglaze that mounts onto existing window or door frames, creating a protective layer that mitigates ballistic attack through glass. Each system is custom fabricated based on perceived threat levels, budgets, and existing glazing conditions. Installed by certified dealers, systems may utilize exotic plastics, polycarbonates, or glass-clad shields depending on performance requirements.

Weather-resistant adhesives, high-performance films, VHB tapes, and mechanical security anchors are used for secure and effective system installation. BulletShield is independently tested to meet forced entry and UL 752 ballistic standards.

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BulletShield bullet resistant glass security panels are a: BulletShield is an ideal bullet resistant glass solution for buildings most vulnerable to ballistic threats: Security is more important than ever in today's world. BulletSheild is an affordable and effective way to help ensure the well-being and safety of those in your charge.

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