DefenliteDefenseLite® is a patented and manufactured forced-entry security glazing system that has been used to secure thousands of glazed openings nationwide. The retrofit security shield is designed to mount onto the existing glazing, delivering unmatched protection against numerous security and safety threats, including school shootings, burglaries, rioting, and severe weather.

DefenseLite® makes windows and doors 250 times stronger than glass alone and makes them impenetrable. DefenseLite® isn't a security film, but rather a heavy gauge architectural grade polycarbonate shield and extruded framing system designed to withstand force and keep intruders out of the building.

The surface of the polycarbonate is UV coated to protect against degradation. The systems can be warranted up to 7 years. Scratching, graffiti, and other factors that could result in damage of the material are mitigated by a proprietary laminated coating that protects the surface of the DefenseLite shield® against excessive damage.

DefenseLite's patent pending "Moore Venting System" prevents moisture and condensation buildup frequently found in competing over-glaze systems.

With episodes of smash-and-grab crime, forced entry, and political vandalism on the rise, protect what's important to you with DefenseLite security glazing. If you're looking for an efficient way to protect your home or business, loved ones, employees, or customers, ProActive Security Solutions and DefenseLite® have you covered.

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