RiotluteWe're subjected to violent outbreaks on a regular basis, and when it happens, retailers, schools, and other building owners need to protect their buildings and anyone inside against the threat or chaos that ensues. Glass windows and doors are easy targets for forced entry, property damage, property theft, or bodily harm to those inside.

RiotLite™ is an innovative laminate solution to the problem.

RiotLite™ is applied directly onto existing glass surfaces. This thick film "stack" is applied to the interior glass of your building and delivers reliable shatter-resistance protection against severe security threats of all types, including riots and smash and grab crimes. RiotLite™ provides an affordable protective measure against physical threats from violent criminals and mobs and installed nationwide by certified dealers.

How It Works

RiotLite™ consists of optically clear 8-37 mil thick films "stacked" in a proprietary fashion and applied to the interior glass surfaces of buildings. The thick, clear laminate delivers a solid layer of resistance against fragmenting and shattering as it absorbs the impact from blunt force.

With its "stackable" protection up to 37 mils, RiotLite™ is able to withstand high-impact threats. Additionally, its UV protection properties reduce the harmful effects of UV exposure, resulting in added lifespan of interior furnishings and inventory. RiotLite™ is easy to clean and will provide long-lasting durability, protection, and security, making it the perfect solution if you're looking for riot protective glass.

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Affordable and Reliable Riot Protection

These days, with an ever-increasing rise in riots and violence, RiotLite™ offers unprecedented protection, security, and peace of mind.

ProActive Security Solutions is here to help you protect your loved ones, property, and those in your care with effective security where you need it most. Our dedicated security professionals are ready to consult with you regarding your custom security needs today.

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